Lauren-May. Single. 22 years-old. Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England.

Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand. Workin' in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white. What's down in the dark will be brought to the light!
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Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress, ca. 1950s

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i hit rock bottom like every 2 weeks

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I have like 277262 kisses saved up for you

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Giving Yourself Away



Would you trade your fingerprints for a snickerdoodleAndrea DenHoed on Risa Puno’s “Terms of Use”: 

"The piece tapped into a question that has been in the atmosphere lately: What’s wrong with people? … Shouldn’t the ubiquity of the threat prompt an abundance of caution? Are people dumb or ignorant, or do they just not care?"

Photograph by Talisman Brolin

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